The Worst Of The Financial Crisis Behind Us?

Bashing Bankers is very fashionable at the moment. I have written many times about the scandal of miss-selling payment protection insurance by the Banks and the fact the FSA’s response in my personal opinion has been woefully inadequate and far too slow. After reading the following article I would like to look on the positive that the Head of Goldman Saches stating that he thinks the worst of the Financial Crisis is behind us, and I also take comfort from the 2012 results from Goldman. When Investment Banking profits are up it can be a sign that the corporate sector is buoyant and confidence is returning. Previous hopes of a sustained recovery have been choked off by a rise in commodity prices. I am sure almost every IFA in London would not put their reputations on the line by predicting with certainty that we have turned the corner and it would be wise to invest heavily in equities as we are entering a period of recovery.

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