Pensions & Divorce

Independent Financial Advice on a divorcing couples’ pension position is a complex area. Many solicitors still are automatically using the old fashioned “pension offset”, as it is deemed to be the most straight forward way of dealing with the issue of pensions on divorce. Just because it may seem the easiest option, does not make it the best option for you.

We have experience in advising clients going through this stressful and emotional time. We understand that some people see their appointment to discuss their financial matters as “a day of reckoning”. In fact, after the initial consultation, most people feel that a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders. They feel the relief of asserting some control over their lives.

Wexdon Financial Services is happy for your Solicitor to be present when we meet. If you live in London, Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire, one of our IFAs can visit your home for an appointment if you so wish. We are pioneering SKYPE appointments for clients who live further away from our offices, or for whom it is more convenient.

The Wexdon Pensions & Divorce Challenge

If you have been recommended an IFA or have already received some professional advice on your pensions and divorce matters, we are still happy to give you an initial appointment free of charge. We are so sure that you will have confidence in our ability and our presented solution to your circumstances, we are happy to competitively tender for your business. If, after our initial consultation, you decide you will keep using your other IFA, you will, at no cost to yourself, have gained peace of mind of an alternative opinion. If you want to buy a new car, do you only look at one car, at just one garage? Of course not. Your pension pot may well dwarf a car purchase in value. It could dwarf the value of your home. So why would you only take one professional opinion on your pension position after divorce?

Take advantage of our free initial appointment, and let us start on your bespoke financial plan and pensions and divorce advice. Even if you live in a completely different part of the country, we are pioneering SKYPE conferencing for IFA meetings. All it will cost is a little bit of your time. Give us a try today; call us now to book an appointment to start the process. It is your first step to a brighter and more secure future.