Asset Backed Annuities

Asset Backed Annuities aim to give your pension a benefit from investment performance. They come in 2 categories: first, Unit Linked; secondly, With Profits.

In a Unit Linked Asset Backed Annuity, you buy units in funds. This gives you a direct link to the investment returns of the units you buy. The funds selected can be of varying risk. The aim of taking this risk is that your retirement income will increase over time as the investment performance does well. If the performance is poor, your retirement income goes down.

A With Profits Asset Backed Annuity links the retirement income to the Annuity Company’s With Profits Fund. Insurance Companies’ With Profits Funds have received a bad press recently. But we always consider if they are right for you, as companies offer different features in their With Profits products. The unique plan we produce for you may be a mix, which includes an Asset Backed Annuity aiming to give you some benefits of good investment performance during your retirement.

Our initial appointment is free of charge – no matter how long it takes. Our annuity search is free. We are happy to meet at your home or office within London or Hertfordshire. It is likely we will be able to visit your home or office in the Home Counties and further afield. If you are further away, or you prefer, we offer meetings by SKYPE video-conferencing. Taking a little bit of time now can improve your standard of living in retirement quite substantially, especially if you qualify for an Impaired Life Annuity. Call us now to book an appointment to start the process. It is your first step to a better retirement.

The value of a unit linked investment is not guaranteed on encashment and you may not get back the full amount invested