Unit Trusts & OEICs

Unit Trusts and OECIs (Open Ended Investment Companies) are the most common forms of investments Wexdon clients want to discuss. As part of your bespoke financial plan, we will investigate which Unit Trusts and OEICs have had the best performance over the last three and five years. We will identify which of these investments best suits your attitudes to risk and best fit your personal circumstances. We will present your bespoke financial plan and explain it. We make sure you are happy and that we have not misunderstood your tolerance to risk. If, upon reflection, you change your mind about the level of risk you wish to take, we will revise your bespoke financial plan to suit your circumstances. If you feel the need to ask lots of questions, we will answer them. We are here to serve and explain. We understand that these decisions are potentially life changing and that you should not feel rushed. You should be fully confident with where you place your hard earned money.

Your initial appointment will be free of charge with the Independent Financial Advisors we recommend. Even if you live in a completely different part of the country, our IFAs are pioneering Skype conferencing for IFA meetings. All it will cost is a little bit of your time. Call us now to book an appointment with one of the IFAs we recommend as a former advisor. It is your first step to a brighter future.

(The value of a unit linked investment is not guaranteed on encashment and you may not get back the full amount invested.)