Most people say that the biggest purchases they make are their home and car. If you have saved for your retirement in a money purchase pension your annuity purchase is likely to be bigger than your car purchase, and when you come to retire your annuity purchase may well be more important than your choice of car. The most effective way to provide for a decent standard of living is to set up a pension and take advantages of the tax relief given by the Government. Although your National Insurance Contributions should qualify you for a State Pension, the size of that State Pension will not provide you with the lifestyle you desire when retirement dawns. You need to start saving a little an often as soon as you can to ensure you will have the income in your retirement years.

If you want to take control of your pension planning, you can take advantage of the initial free consultation offered by the Independent Financial Advisors Wexdon personally vets and recommends. The IFA will develop a bespoke pension plan for your unique circumstances, so that you are working towards achieving your personal goals. IT IS NEVER TOO SOON TO START.

Many people are unaware that the Government even gives tax relief for children who are not working. What a wonderful gift affluent relatives could give, a comfortable or early retirement.

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The value of a unit linked investment is not guaranteed on encashment and you may not get back the full amount invested.