Avoiding Inheritance Tax

There are numerous strategies to avoid the current Inheritance Tax rules. During our initial free consultation, we will investigate your personal circumstances and devise a bespoke financial plan, which will help you, or rather your beneficiaries, to avoid Inheritance Tax.

Anyone in London who has paid off the mortgage on their home will find that the £325,000 zero rate is unlikely to be enough to avoid Inheritance Tax. If you think your estate is over the Inheritance Tax threshold or you are concerned that, in the future, it might go over the threshold, you have nothing to lose financially by booking your free appointment. We will discuss the all the issues and formulate your bespoke financial plan.

For the rising number of couples in London who chose not to marry, mitigating or avoiding Inheritance Tax will be very important for the partner who survives. Unmarried couples, even with children in education, will probably not avoid Inheritance Tax on the first death. It can be a double whammy: lose one income and have to pay Inheritance Tax as well! Proper planning will ensure that your family will not have to sell the family home in order to pay Inheritance Tax.

There are too many strategies to avoid Inheritance Tax to list on a website. Giving away assets and buying a GIV Policy in case the donor passes away within the seven years, is an obvious strategy for avoiding Inheritance Tax. Placing the decreasing term assurance policy under trust may be suitable for your circumstances and reduce the cost of avoiding inheritance tax. Also, there are special tax breaks for certain investment types. These are often high risk investments.

If you are concerned that your parents (or other family members) are not prepared for the impact of Inheritance Tax, you can be reassured that an appointment with an IFA from Wexdon will sympathetically raise the matter with them. Inheritance Tax can often be significantly mitigated, and in some circumstances eliminated, with proper planning. You do not want to look back and think “I wish I had done some planning and made the time to reduce this huge Inheritance Tax bill”.

Avoiding inheritance tax will only take a few hours of your time if the points in the bespoke financial plan are executed. The Wexdon free appointment means you have nothing to lose financially by booking your initial appointment and potentially £000’s to gain. Booking your initial appointment does not commit you to buying anything. We only advise strategies that we really believe are in your best interest. We promise we will not put you under any pressure from a hard sell, because we want you to be a satisfied long-term client who will recommend us to your friends and family.

Our initial appointment is free of charge – no matter how long it takes. Even if you live in a completely different part of the country, we are pioneering SKYPE conferencing for IFA meetings. All it will cost is a little bit of your time. Give us a try: call us now to book an appointment to start the process. It is your first step to a brighter future for you and your family.