Support From the FCA For Independent Financial Advisors Who Are Qualified Mortgage Brokers

I was very disappointed to read the following article. I think the new FCA should encourage retail consumers to take advice from independent financial advisors who are also qualified mortgage brokers. This will help those people for whom home ownership is not right receive impartial advice and hopefully avoid making a mistake of getting on the property ladder at the wrong time. It will also help the client understand which options are best for their family’s circumstances as well as trying to identify the best deal. If the lenders do not support intermediaries and they will not earn adequate remuneration to continue. The regulator needs to step in and make sure there is a proper functioning efficient market place. I hope they will see the light in the near future.

As an IFA and mortgage broker in London Wexdon Financial Services can help you devise a strategy for home ownership and take advice on which mortgage products are best for you.
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