Other Independent Financial Advisors Would Do The Same

I read the following article and became very annoyed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23661067 A major factor for the European Union being so unpopular in the UK is the imposition of extra tasks such as setting targets for female board members. London is a fantastically diverse financial centre. Many of my prospects that have contacted me through my web based marketing have been foreigners working for financial services companies in the UK. Companies want the very best talent and I am deeply sceptical that this will have a positive impact and is more likely to get peoples’ backs up. If I believed the best candidates were female I would employ them, and I am certain that all of the other independent financial advisors I know would do so as well. I hope the inference I have drawn from the article that the Financial Conduct Authority will not waste a lot of money on new implementations and data collection on this EU directive.

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