Freedom of Information Act 2000

In my opinion the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is one of the great achievements of the previous Government. I was very concerned by the suggestions in the following article . I have made many Freedom of Information Requests and some have been declined on the basis that the time taken would be too great hence they have not answered or attempted to answer. The interesting question should be how effective has the Act been in changing public policy for the better and help various parts of the British Government become more efficient and mitigate poor or maladministration. As an IFA in London I have been particularly interested in the administration of the FSA. From my research and information requests I have exposed the FSA’s failure to prosecute any individual for miss-selling payment protection insurance in 2009 to September 2012. I hope my research which was reported in the media will change public policy. Without the Act and without a significant amount of research time the public who finance the British Government will not be able to expose poor or mal-administration.

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