Equity Release & Retirement Income

I was very surprised to read the report on the Daily Mail website that the Adam Smith Institute is arguing for the state to finance financial reviews for everyone aged 50 and again when they reach the age of taking their state pension. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/pensions/article-2315318/Think-tank-sug... Most IFAs in London and I presume in the rest of the UK will offer a free initial financial review for a potential prospect. The article also discusses equity release as a form of retirement finance. Equity release is only suitable for a small number of people and I am very concerned that the Adam Smith Institute does not understand equity release and the impact it can have on financials. With the auto-enrolment into compliant pensions I hope the retirements of most UK residents will be free from obscene poverty. They should have found an author who was both an independent financial advisor and a mortgage broker who was qualified to write on equity release.

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