Annuity Break Even

The following article about the average person’s thoughts on their life expectancy and what the actual statistics from the British Government is very interesting. It also relies on some research about the break even point and inflation rates between a level annuity purchase and an index linked annuity purchase. The article did not mention impaired life annuities. If you are coming up to retirement and you are thinking about the different options available to you it is imperative that you research if you do qualify for an impaired life annuity as the extra revenue paid out over an average impaired life annuity could be substantially more than a regular annuity. Almost every IFA in London offers a free annuity search for prospective clients. If you accept a free annuity search by a firm of independent financial advisors all it will cost you is some of your time but the financial return could be one of the best activities you chose to make.

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