Agreeing With The FSA

It is rare that I agree or compliment the Financial Services Authority (FSA). I am not going to compliment the FSA but I will agree with a change they are making the pension and investment industry. The low medium and optimistic assumed growth have over the last few years not proven to be correct. I do not see this as a temporary blip, and I am concerned that the sluggish economy and therefore the return on investment will be lower than in previous decades. Most reasonable people have cause to complain if their expectations are not met. Giving lower cumulative growth rates and therefore better managing expectations and giving clients the opportunity to plan accordingly will be better for the pension industry in the long run. If you are concerned about your pension planning and are looking for an IFA in London Wexdon Financial Services offers a free initial pension review. If you prefer to be advised by a lady we have a lady within our team of independent financial advisors.

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