I was pleased to read the following article. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/mortgages/precise-mortgages-takes-action-against-fake-b2l-applications/1074729.article Precise mortgages are right to exclude mortgage brokers that have either mis-represented buy-to-let mortgage applications which are for domestic mortgages or have not taken adequate steps to identify fraudulent applications. As an independent financial advisor who is also a qualified mortgage broker in London, I believe it is imperative that people for whom property ownership is not appropriate are given clear advice. I hope this will make any broker who may be tempted into turning a blind eye be dissuaded from giving into temptation.rnrnThis information is intended to provide a general review of certain topics and its purpose is to inform but not to recommend or support any specific investment or course of action. The tips may not apply, or be suitable, to everyone and you should contact us for advice if you are unsure whether this is the case.rn